Entrepreneurship Education

The issue of whether entrepreneurship can be taught is often a topic of contention. Proponents believe entrepreneurship can be inculcated through learning whilst others believe it is rather an innate gift.

The jury is still out there on the conclusion of this contention. However, entrepreneurial education can benefit individuals with or without the supposed “entrepreneurial gene”. Entrepreneurship education can play a role in providing entrepreneurs with the tools and knowledge to develop with structured approaches to identifying viable business ideas and then support them in developing the skills required to launch and scale the business. Most courses offer information on core business functions such as finance, sales, marketing, management and accounting, not to mention, broader ranges of soft skills such as adaptability, effective communication, and presenting.

In Ghana there is an increasing gap between the number of jobs created and the youth population growing. By teaching entrepreneurship, especially at universities it enables the youth to view starting a business as a viable plan A and not as a backup.

Good entrepreneurship training prepares individuals for real life journey of being an entrepreneur, providing students with the opportunity to innovate, collaborate and demonstrate proficiency in real life situations.