Different Stages of Start-ups

Stage Ideation Building Prototype Proof of Concept Growth


Pre-product and revenue, only idea Working on developing a product or service, hiring team Finished prototype in users’ hands, getting feedback Refining product, reaching larger audience Early market success, expansion and growth to new geographies or new products
Approx. Funding Needs  $0 - $20k  $20k – $50k  $50k – $150k $100k – $500k $500k – $2m+
Potential Investors Angel investor networks, incubators, friends/family members, grant-making foundations Accelerators, angel investor networks, crowdfunding platforms, public/semipublic grants, foundations Seed-stage venture capital firms, impact investors, crowdfunding platforms, corporates, public/semipublic grants Seed-stage venture capital firms, corporates, crowdfunding platforms, impact investors Venture capital firms, private equity firms, banks, impact investors, public/semipublic funders